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The Daily Pow Facebook ScreengrabSearch “Utah Skiing” or “Utah Ski Blog” on Facebook or Google and you’ll find plenty of good content and related social media profiles. Product manufacturers, media companies, apparel brands…you name it. It’s all good and legit, but Ski Bum Poet has made it easy to find the authentic goods when it comes to social media and Utah powder. The following quote sums it up perfectly… The commercial “skiing” websites have snow reports and accommodation listings, but they lack an authentic voice from those “living the dream” daily. For true authentic voices of the Wasatch, follow these five Utah skiing Facebook pages…

5 Utah Skiing Facebook Follows

Paying Your Dues

High rustler (high boy) alta utah


“Pay your dues”.  It is one of the most memorable lines I have ever heard while skiing at Alta (and that might be saying something 😉 ), but one that I certainly believe in and live by, day in and day out while skiing at Alta.

If you have ever skied at Alta, you are likely familiar with High Rustler (featured here in this photo), if you ski Alta a lot, you probably know it as “High Boy”.  This is one of the more iconic runs at Alta and also features one of the longest the little resort at the top of highway 210 has to offer.

However there is a lot more to this epic stash then meets the eye in this photo.  Most Alta locals cherish their time on High Boy.  It’s time in the mountains, it’s time on skis, and it’s time at Alta in all it’s glory.

Just as the article below mentions, most Alta skiers love High Rustler as it offers deep snow and a considerably long fall line. However, even when snow conditions are less than favorable, some even make it a point to “pay their dues” and ski it at least once a day anyway…

Be sure and check out Mike Doyle’s write up of skiing a day with Alta local Gary Marcoccia, and always be sure and “pay your dues” when you head out to Alta.

Skiing Alta Resort


The Forecaster, A Message From The Utah Backcountry

The Wasatch mountains are home to some of the best backcountry terrain in the west, and are complemented by abundant snowfall that often times creates a relatively stable snow pack throughout much of the winter. That being said, there is still considerable avalanche danger throughout storm cycles, wind events, warming periods, etc., and it is important to understand the dangers before venturing out in the backcountry.

For those that don’t know, the Utah Avalanche Center does a great job of updating a hotline that backcountry enthusiasts can call to get regular updates on the avalanche danger and mountain weather in the surrounding area.   Avalanche forecasters like Drew Hardesty, play a critical role in helping those that venture into the backcountry stay well informed of the potential risks they may encounter.

Here is a great video that Black Diamond has put together in partnership with the Utah Avalanche Center (and Drew Hardesty) to demonstrate the importance of snow safety and self awareness in the backcountry.  This is very important to all those who recreate in the backcountry during the winter months.  Please do your part to stay informed, and take an avalanche class (or 2) if you plan to venture outside the boundaries of any of our great Utah ski resorts…

Preseason Ski Training Workouts

preseason ski training workouts

Each year, at about this time, as the first snows begin to hit the high peaks of the Wasatch, many skiers and riders start to kick it into high gear and work to get in shape for the upcoming season.

While summer sports like mountain and road biking, hiking, and trail running can be great off season cross training exercises, there are several other preseason ski training workouts you may want to consider to help you be as prepared as possible when the lifts start turning in just about a month or so.

The key to getting in the shape is focusing on the right type of exercises that work the muscle groups we commonly use on the hill.  These exercises can include squats and lunges that work on building up quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and other lower body muscle groups, to  abdominal workouts to help build the core for greater stability and a list of other important benefits.

One guy who know’s his stuff when it comes to being in shape for an upcoming ski season is The North Face Athlete, Nick Martini.  Not only is he a professional athlete who works year round on maintaining the kind of physical strength it takes to be a professional skier, but he has also worked through multiple knee injuries.

Here is a great write up published by Teton Gravity Research that discusses a few of Nick Martini’s favorite preseason ski workouts.

Favorite Preseason Ski Training Workouts


Skiing Alta Utah’s High Traverse

Skiing alta high traverse

Hate it or love it, a day of skiing at Alta Ski Area in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah is likely going to require some traversing. While Alta is loaded with legendary terrain, and deep snow, if you want access to it you will need to prepare for a bit of an adventure.

Of the most renowned traverses, the High Traverse offers expert skiers access to a plethora of sick terrain, and for those in the know, quality untouched snow days after a storm. However, depending on the weather, current snow pack, and jonesing powder hungry locals, the High traverse (aka. the High T) is likely going to make you pay your dues before you ever get to sink a turn into the greatest snow on earth.

The High T, measuring roughly a few hundred yards or so, can serve up anything from medium sized wave rollers (a bump that is convex on the approaching side, and concave on the exit) that will leave you feeling like you just got off a wild bull in a rodeo, to soft ball sized rocks just waiting to take a bit out of your ski – not mention local rippers charging by you as if they were skiing a groomer at Deer Valley.

The best thing to do is watch a local or two and take note of the line they pick and follow suit.  You will know they’re locals because they will take the High T at full speed and systematically and methodically weave up and down the mountainside avoiding rocks, using rollers for speed, and passing everyone else.  If you can keep up, follow them farther and you will likely find some unbelievable stashes.

Here is a great write up Skiing Magazine just published on why traverse are actually a good thing.  The tag line says it all “Sure, traverses can be tricky and annoying. but they preserve powder and teach mountain sense too.”  Amen.

An Ode to Traversing



NOAA El Nino Winter Outlook 2015-2016

Here is the latest prediction from NOAA regarding this season’s super El Nino and how it may effect the winter outlook. It still remains unclear exactly how this will impact the Wasatch, but let’s all keep our fingers and toes crossed for an epic winter.

While typical El Nino’s can bring above normal precipitation, they can also bring above normal temperatures. This can mean much heavier snow, and deeper snow packs. However, it can also sometimes mean rain for lower elevation resorts.

The bottom line, we will just have to wait to see what happens. In the meantime, be sure and keep those snow dances active, and sacrifice what you must to Ullr.

What do you think is going to happen?

This Season’s Upgrades For Utah Ski Resorts

utah ski resorts upgrades

If you are planning on skiing or riding any of Utah’s legendary ski resorts again this season, you may quickly notice a few changes around each mountain.  As we all know, summer in the ski industry can be a quiet time, and may resorts take advantage by making upgrades to lodging, restaurants, snow making, lifts, and more.

Given that Utah is home to so many killer places to find the greatest snow on earth, it is no surprise that the list of improvements in the area is typically pretty long.  However, with Vail now running things at Park City, the old owners of Park City Mountain Resort now owning the primary share of Snowbird in Little Cottonwood, and Deer Valley now having ownership of Solitude in Big Cottonwood, this summer was destined to be a banner few months of improvements and upgrades.

A few of the most notable are the connection of the Park City to what was formally the Canyons, the new high speed Summit quad at Solitude, and the new Summit Lodge at the top of Hidden Peak at Snowbird.

For more information and a complete list of all the Utah ski resorts upgrades, check out the article on FirstTracksOnline.com found here,



Ski Utah joins POW to help save the Greatest Snow On Earth

Ski Utah Save Our Snow

Climate change is one of hottest topics in the ski industry, and for good reason.  If many of the predictions come true, there may not be much of an industry left.  It’s for this reason, and many others, that organizations like Protect Our Winters (POW) are working hard to advocate change and save what we can.

In a recent article published by  Park City’s Park Record, Ski Utah is now joining forces with POW to help motivate Utah ski areas to band together and raise awareness of the best practices many of our local areas are already working on implementing. As the article states, one of Ski Utah’s first initiatives will be to gain legislative support for the Clean Power Plan, and keep a positive outlook on becoming more environmentally efficient.

You can read the full article here, and please do your part to help protect our winters!

Ski Utah aims to save ‘Greatest Snow on Earth’


“Skiing The Greatest Runs Of Your Life Is A Real Possibility”

Skiing Alta and Snowbird Utah

Photo: Adam Barker

As you may have seen from our Facebook page, we are a new content aggregator focusing on bringing you the best info, news, videos, and other content from the Wasatch mountains of Utah, which just happens to boast “the greatest snow on earth” – which should make our job pretty easy 😉

To get things kicked off for the upcoming 2015-2016 ski season, we recently came across this gem of an article from Powder Magazine.  If you have not skied the Wasatch, particularly Alta/Snowbird, this article is just going to be one more nudge to get you out there, where, as the article states, skiing the greatest runs of your life is a real possibility.

For those that have, you already know what’s up, but it’s a solid reminder of how great a place it is!

Read the full article at Powder.com, found here:

Passing Through: Alta and Snowbird